Funkyponies Horse Showers.

Funkyponies Horse Showers.


Affordable portable hot horse shower has arrived !!!!!

The compact 8 litre hot horse shower has a built in flu and stainless steel housing

Light and portable can be mounted to an outside wall or on a trolley for ease of use, highly recommended by top equestrians and suitable for private or livery yards.The must have product for your horse or pony that you will just love,

Safety Tips for portable showers

1. Must be installed using the supplied fittings including the black washer seals

2. Must be used under the condition of ventilation, ensuring the normal condition of the flue kit.

3. Please use and maintain the heater according to the manual.

4. Please check the gas connection regularly to ensure there is no leaking risks.

 Technical Features :

1. High efficient energy saving : the heater exchanger and main burner adopt mostly advanced energy-saving and combustion technology to decrease gas consumption and burning noise.

2. Low water-pressured startup : the water control linkage valve makes the heater start up under low water pressure and shortage areas and those livin in high stairs.

3. Manifold auto protection : for the sake of your safety

4. Ion flame inspection : to automatically shut down gas power under unrexpectable flameout.

5. Over water pressure protection function : to automatically decrease pressure under excessive high water pressure.

6. Controller design : both cold water and warm water can be properly controlled

7. Magnificent thin-shaped appearance : it is designed by modern fashionable line shape.


Water Heater

Heat Load 12KW

(25 degrees ) warm water producing rate 6L/min ( 6kg/min )

Gas Type LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas

Rate Gas pressure 2800Pa

Fire Catching Ways Electricity pulse automatic fire catching

Discharge Ways Flue automatic gas discharge

Diameter of gas discharge pipeline 6kg F90

Applicable water pressure 0.015Mpa pressure starting

Gas pipeline (internal diameter) F 95mm oil-proof rubber tube

Cold water pipeline Short pipeline equipped or G 1/2 steel tube

Warm water pipeline Long pipeline equipped or G 1/2 steel tube

Advantage 1: Easy Installation! (will vented area)

Advantage 2: Automatic IC ignition system (2 D batteries)

Advantage 3: Portable,Lightweight With Carry Handle and stand

Advantage 4: Instant Water Heating

Advantage 5: Heat resistant metal body

Advantage 6: Low water pressure startup function

Advantage 7: Over heat safety device No tank needed

Advantage 8: Come With the Shower Head and pipe.

Advantage 9: ISO Approved And CE Certificate all fully tested and certified for use in the UK

Product Size: 370cm x 280cm x 110mm

G.W. 5KG

Packing Size 335 x 170 x 520 mm

Note: The Gas Water Heater shall be installed outside with good ventilation but should be protected from frost as this will damage the unit

 Package Included

1x Water Heater

1x Shower Head

gas pipe plus regulator



ShippingPaymentReturnContactAbout Us

1.Ship to paypal address only, PO BOX address is not acceptable.

2.We have warehouses in the UK and Gemany. For those customers who live in the UK, DE and EU, we will send item from the corresponding warehouse.Estimated Delivery 7-14 days to major locations,14 business days to remote area

Please note that this is designed to be used mostly outside where ventilation is not an issue. If being used inside please take note that the area most be very well ventilated. If you have any questions on this issue, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please allow up to 14 days delivery

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