Glitter - Applicator Sponge

Glitter - Applicator Sponge


For applying your STARDUST, you'll be needing one of these!

 Applicator sponges are designed specifically for the job of adding the STARDUST finish to your glitter tattoo. They are the right size & just the right softness. 

If you are using SHORTSTAY adhesive, you can wash these sponges out when they get too covered in STARDUST, leave them to dry and then use again.

If you are using LONGSTAY adhesive, to get the most use out of your sponge, shake and flick out excess STARDUST when the sponge is completely dry. Once the sponge is covered in STARDUST and cannot be de-glittered, throw away and start a new one as clogged sponges can result in lumps and bumps in your tattoos.

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