Glitter - Shortstay Adhesive - 50ml

Glitter - Shortstay Adhesive - 50ml


SHORTSTAY is perfect for the application of large and decorative glitter tattoos which need to be quickly and easily removed within a number of days or hours. It is a washable adhesive which will wash and brush off and is therefore affected by rain, rubbing and friction.

In dry and good conditions, glitter tattoos applied with SHORTSTAY adhesive can last for a number of days.

This adhesive is ideal for photoshoots and tattoos which need to be removed relatively soon after application due to an event, showing or competition requirement.

Please allow up to 7 days Delivery

 SHORTSTAY is water-based, non-toxic and of cosmetic grade. Please note, this is not a craft glue and it has been specifically tested for this purpose.


Paint thinly over  stencil to clean, groomed area free from shine or oil based products and allow to dry.


To remove tattoos applied with SHORTSTAY, simply wash and brush off.

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