Glitter - Accessory Cancer Awareness Glitter Quarter Marker Kit


Exclusive Awareness glitter kit, available in various Tricolours to create stunning glitter Ribbons, for your preferred cancer awareness. Funkyponies will donate £1.00 to the charity for every kit sold. Please select from the drop down box your preferred Cancer Awareness & complimenting colours. Medical Detection Dogs, Canter For A Cure. 

Please Note: NO stencils are included in the Tricolour kit. Leaving you the option to choose your own preferred style of stencil. These a can be ordered separately  via our website.

 All Cancers = Glamathyst/Majesty/Pink Diamond.

Childhood Cancer = Goldrush/Laser Gold/ Starlight.

Breast Cancer = Pink Diamond/Sweetheart/Princess

Leukemia = Firelight/Goldrush/Laser Gold

Lung Cancer = Moondust/Unicorn/Starlight.

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