Stencil - Small Mixed Hearts - Pack of four Stencils.


These Tattoos have been developed specifically for use on horses, They are one of the key reasons, glitter tattoos look so stunning!

The quality and detail of design is second to none and the crisp, clean edges that result are one of our many magical secrets!

 They are available in packs of 4 -  2 x Mixed Hearts left 2 x Mixed Hearts Right - Stencil size  112mm x 120mm


  1. Remove backing sheet carefully – a 45 degree angle works best. Ensure any stencil detail remains adhered to the clear top sheet.
  2. Stick to your horse and rub firmly, especially over the edges of the design.
  3. Peel off the clear top sheet in the direction of hair growth, holding the stencil onto your horse as you do. Peel the top sheet back on itself for easiest removal. Ensure any stencil detail remains stuck to your horse.
  4. Apply your SHORTSTAY adhesive as directed, followed by your chosen STARDUST(S).
  5. Remove your stencil slowly and carefully in the direction of hair growth. Ensure any stencil detail is removed from your horse. Tweezers (or long nails!) may be required in some instances.

Note: Do not leave your horse unattended during the application process. Stencils must not be left on your horse for more than 15 minutes. Please allow 15 mins for glue to dry, before putting on a rug etc.

Please allow up to 7 days delivery.

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