Polypad - Hi-Viz Duo Large - Single

Polypad - Hi-Viz Duo Large - Single


Exercise Duo© Hi-Viz 

This ingenious all-in-one quarter sheet and saddle pad, providing all the benefits of the PolyPads® Classic© under the saddle running into a quarter sheet with a towelling underside over the quarters - designed to keep loins warm during exercise - significantly speeds up the tacking up process for daily exercise on those cold mornings or evenings.

Especially good for sharp and spooky horses as it won't rustle or flap in the wind like some of the waterproofed nylon sheets tend to do. The Exercise Duo© is equally as useful when using a horsewalker and was voted most recommended by Your Horse Magazines Gear Awards.!

Length (spine) 130cm
Width (back) 145cm
Width (front) 110cm

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